Monday, February 13, 2012


Lorri, my sister, made me this really nice plot plan of my Orchard/Chicken Yard

Currently my chickens and ducks have the run of the whole area. The only interest the chickens have shown in my trees so far is scratching in the mulch and turned over dirt, the ducks love mucking around in the basins around each tree when I'm watering. The plan is to let them free range in amongst the trees, their appetite for insects is voracious and I figure that as long as they don't damage the trees that can only be a good thing. 

I'm not quite sure where this guy came from. He likes to think he's all that but gets his butt kicked regularly by the other roo's. If he was gonna stick around longer I'd probably name him Mark,

 This group of 4 chooks are barnyard mutts and the product of my first attempt at incubating eggs from my own flock!

A cooperative effort

Whatcha puttin in there? 

My Ducken, He was a surprise, I thought I had an
incubator full of chicken eggs. He still hangs with
his nest mates and doesn't want anything to do with
the Kool Krew

The Kool Krew just hang in out!

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